Village History

  Roxana Village Hall



Property was acquired and the Roxana Village Hall was erected in 1938.  H. C. Chaffer was Village President at the time the vote was taken to erect a "Municipal Building."  On June 29, 1938, Ordinance #125 was issued which provided for borrowing and issuing $36,000 in bonds for the construction of Village Hall.  According to minutes of June, 1938, the United States of America offered to aid in the financing of the construction of the Municipal Building in the amount of 45 percent of the cost of the project upon completion.  On August 11, 1938, the bond for $36,000 was legally issued.

The first meeting of the Village Board in the newly construction Village Hall was held on Wednesday, February 1, 1939.  The Village Hall is now the central focal point of municipal operations in the Village.

The Roxana Village Hall presently houses the following Government offices:

  • Village President's Office

  • Clerk's Office

  • Police Department

  • Fire Department

  • Village Board Room

  • Village Treasurer's Office

  • Roxana Gymnasium

  • Roxana Water Department Collection Office